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Radiant Songstress: Sandra Godley

Born in Bristol, UK to Jamaican parents, Sandra Godley's musical journey began at the tender age of 12, her soulful voice echoing through church halls and festivals. Raised on the melodies of Aretha Franklin, Sade, and Andrae Crouch, she embodied the spirit of a multi-award-winning diva from her earliest days.

With a voice that transcends genres, Sandra Godley is a stylish, multi-faceted songstress, equally at home captivating an intimate crowd or commanding an arena of 80,000. Her performances at the renowned Godiva Festival, where she has graced the stage four times, leaving audiences spellbound, are a testament to her magnetic stage presence.

A Versatile Virtuoso. She will perform at the Godiva Festival for the 5th time in July 2024. 


Effortlessly adapting to contemporary black music's diverse offerings, Godley has mastered contemporary, gospel, disco, house, soul, and R&B. Her evolution from a dance-diva to an elegant songstress is a testament to her creativity and spontaneity. Whether wielding powerhouse vocals or holding audiences spellbound with an acoustic guitar, Sandra Godley's artistry knows no bounds.


A Celebrated Career

Sandra Godley's talent has taken her to prestigious stages worldwide, from the BBC and Sky networks to the House of Commons, The Roundhouse, CBS, and Manchester Arenas. With four largely self-penned albums under her belt, including the MOBO-nominated "Miracle," recorded in Nashville, her passion as a singer, songwriter, gifted communicator, and entertainer is contagious.

Her accolades include a Lifetime Achievement in Music Award from Ladies First Professional Network, Best International Song at the GMA Italy awards, and her song "Grateful" reaching No. 21 on the iTunes RnB charts. In 2021, she released "My Darling" in memory of her aunt, with proceeds benefiting charities close to her heart.


A Humanitarian Heart

Inspired by Prince Harry's work, Sandra assembled a unique choir of 26 individuals with physical and mental challenges to perform her self-penned wedding song, "The Big Love Song," as a gift for the Prince and Meghan Markle. The choir's journey was so inspiring that BBC Worldwide created a viral 30-minute documentary, earning Sandra a personal thank-you letter from Prince Harry.

Beyond her musical endeavours, Sandra has held positions as a Trustee, Director, and Board Member for various organizations, currently serving as Patron for Highly Sprung Performance and an Ambassador for AtaLoss. In 2019, she was commissioned to write her first immersive sound installation for Warwick University, UK (I:DNA), and in 2022, she composed a runway song for Coventry City of Culture's Haus of Kraft Fashion show.


A Multifaceted Talent

A former BBC CWR broadcaster, presenting shows like "Upbeat" and "The Sunday Breakfast Show," Sandra currently hosts BBC Radio 4's "Daily Service." As a Trustee of Radio Plus, she, along with other Trustees proudly received a prestigious Queen's Award for Voluntary Services.

As a Trustee and Humanitarian for Feed the Hungry, Sandra has travelled internationally, spreading hope and engaging with local orphans in Kenya, writing their school's anthem, "I am Me."

Recently, she has hosted five TV shows and round table discussions for TBN, Mercy Ship's Christmas TV show, and performed in a barn in Nashville, Tennessee, thanks to the Lanning Family.

In 2023, Sandra received two European Gospel awards from the Gospel Music Association for Best Overall Artist and Best Female Artist, as well as another Lifetime Achievement award from Woman Who in May 2024. In January 2024, she received a prestigious British Citizen award for her community, music, and creative arts contributions, as well as an OBE from King Charles for her charity work.


Sandra Godley's radiant talent, humanitarian spirit, and unwavering dedication have solidified her as a true icon, leaving an indelible mark on the world of music and beyond.

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