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7 March        Host BBC Radio 4 Daily Service

8 March        Host International Women's Day

14 March      Earlsden Village

29 March      Host Ladies First awards

29 March      National Day of Reflection event

4 April           Filming for Lord Mayor's                                  charities

18 April         Host BBC Radio 4 Daily Service

24 April         Perform Lord Mayor's Ball

6 May            Host King's Coronation Prom,                           Royal Albert Hall

11 May          European Gospel Awards

22 May          Judge, Alcester Food Festival

6 June           Host MOTOFEST

8 June           Road to Godiva

14 June         Host BBC Radio 4 Daily Service

21 June         Host Cov Care Awards

30 June         Godiva Festival

12 July          CCN Wolverhamptom Collective


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